Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summertime In South Carolina!!

I've been wanted a set of these chairs for such a long time and we finally got a set . We bought some chair pads for them and they are so comfortable.

My Hydrangeas blooms'  are the prettiest color this year!! I brought some inside  and  preserved and dried them and they are gorgeous!!!

This is my new mailbox I purchased last  Spring and I just LOVE it!


The plants are doing so well this year. Thank goodness.

We spend may hours out here in the  morning and in the evening if it's not to HOT. But lately it's been over 100 degrees. That's why I' m so looking forward to Fall ...for the cooler evenings.

I finally found  a very old watering can at the antique mall and I was so glad because I had been looking for a long time. Now to find a few more!!!

I decided to put my APP sign on my front porch. I think I'm going to order another one for inside my home.

This is my FAVORITE plant in the Summer..Sweet Potato Vine!! I LOVE the color.

The end of Summertime  also means BAND and FOOTBALL which my family LOVES!!! Excuse my son's  Tyler's  hair he just had practice  so it looks pretty bad!!!! It's also much shorter now. I look forward each year for the high school games to begin.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog I appreciate it so much!!  I read each and every one of the comments. I hope I'll reach 100 followers soon and I'm going to have a Fall giveaway!!! So stay tuned!!  Next I'll be posting about some of my favorite cookbooks. So I'll talk to y'all  again soon!




  1. Thanks for showing all your favourite Summer things Dana.Everything looks lovely.The chairs are great.Will you end up putting them on your porch?I cannot imagine temps of 100 degrees!Great picture of you and Tyler.Hugs.

  2. Are those Adirondack chairs? I've always liked that style for outdoors. I think many people on both sides of the Atlantic are looking forward to autumn, the thought of 100F day after day makes feel quite faint! It rarely gets above 80F in the UK for which I'm very grateful.

  3. Dana, I enjoyed seeing the pictures from around your yard. Your porch looks very inviting, even with hot temps. It's a cool 55 degrees with a breeze and it feels like fall this morning! Though I love fall we sure haven't had much of a summer here in Idaho.
    Wishing you a sunshine filled day~

  4. Dana, LOVE those new chairs! Can you make me a glass of cold ice tea and I can join you?? That is if your hubby will let me borrow his chair! Haha! :) Your photos are beautiful, love all of your colorful flowers and plants. Everything looks so healthy! Great picture of you and Tyler, great to see you both! Stay cool my friend! Hot where we are too, but we are beating the heat at the swimming pool! take care. Have a wonderful day! ~Sarah~

  5. I also enjoyed your post and seeing more of the outside of your home. Everything looks really nice. Great picture of you and your son too. Have a great day and stay cool!

  6. Oh, I want some of those chairs also!!!..I look at them every summer...Where did you get them?...I always see them on Bobby Jones Hwy...Your yard looks beautiful and I'm so glad to finally put a face with Tyler now...Talk soon!!~~hugs,Jen

  7. Dana, Oh My Gosh, I am so HAPPY you started a blog because I do see we have ALOT in common, the love of APP, we both LOVE Paula Deen, and the chairs, Ken and I were going to buy two this year but College books come first and we did take a trip to Tenn. I love your flowers and the watering can. Our oldest son Steven that just graduated High School was on the football team, and we both are tiny short Mom's with BIG football players for sons, he is trying out next week at College they also put this game on T.V., but you know we will be there in the College colors. Dana you are so BEAUTIFUL!!!!!You can see the special love that you and your son Tyler have he is so handsome! You better keep the girls AWAY, LOL, LOL!!!!

    Maybe one summer Ken and I could get away and come by and visit and see Paula Deen with you guys and sit in your chairs, oh that sounds GREAT to me!!

    Big Hugs Friend,

  8. Your new chairs are so nice. Enjoy them! I love rocking chairs and yours look so comfy. The flowers are beautiful. Great photo of you & your son. Time spent with our children are the ones to treasure.

  9. What a wonderful blog, Dana!! It is fun to see you sharing your life with us. What a gorgeous yard, and porch! I also love your APP sign...it looks great there! :-) Hopefully, the next time I get to SC, I can go sit on that porch with you! I hope you have a wonderful day!

  10. I love all the outdoor pics. And those chairs are so inviting. I have always had my eye on some of those. Maybe I'll hit a good sale someday. :) Have a great weekend!

  11. Hi Dana,,,love your Pics GF....your so great with decorateing.And talented with yoy handmades as well.And what a great pic of you and your Son,,,they all go through the wild hair stage.... Mine did!!I really enjoyed chatting with you today sweetie !! We'll most definately do it again. Hopefully often!! You are such a nice girl..but then I always knew that!!! Hugs..and Prim blessings!!

  12. LOL...Look..I messed up typed to quick..and spelt your''yoy'' omg!!lol!!

  13. I'm happy for you to finally get you some chairs!! I got one and they sure are comfortable!! Your blue hydrangeas are gorgeous!! Mine didnt do well this year at all...but I did dry some last year and they still look awesome...you will enjoy them a long time!!