Saturday, August 7, 2010

Great Birthday!!!

Last Saturday (7/31) was my birthday and  my husband had a great day planned out.  We went do dinner to my favorite Italian restaurant (Carrabba's)  with great friends of ours Janet and Donnie. We had so much fun and the food was DIVINE!!!
Now I have to tell y'all I LOVE Paula Deen!!!! I've met her and both of her son's in person and let me tell you they are the nicest people. She even sat down at the table and talked to us. I was so excited!! What you see on TV is not an act she is just as nice in person.
I have every one of her books and most of them are signed so they mean a lot to me. Well she has a new installment and it's a decorating book. It is a gorgeous book with beautiful pictures and Freddie got it for me for my birthday!!! (he knows me well)I LOVE this book!!
cookbook 6
cookbook 7
cookbook 10
But that's not all. He new I was looking at a primitive display on ebay and guess what? He surprised me with it!!! Oh my goodness I just LOVE it!!! These pictures do not do this justice. The display came with everything you see here.
It came with the board, old metal water pump, wooden bowl, soap with stained cheese cloth, and sweet annie.
water pump 1
water pump 2
water pump 3
Thank you so much honey for making my day such a wonderful one!! I LOVE YOU!!!!

This is an older picture. I wish I had remembered to take my camera to dinner but I forgot it. I'll post current photo's soon. I just wanted you to see the best thing that has ever happened to me...the LOVE of my life!!! Can you tell we are both Cherokee?
Next time I'll be posting Summer Time pictures of my yard.


  1. sounds like you had a great birthday!! And what a sweetie your hubby is for surprising you with that fabulous display!! I love the water pump!!

    Take care,

  2. Happy Birthday Dana, I love Italian food too. What a great day! We share a birthday by the way. I love your display!


  3. Hi Dana, I just love your birthday gift-how special! You and your hubby look so sweet together, glad you had a nice birthday.

  4. What a sweet hubby to know you so well!! He is a keeper!!

  5. Happy Belated Birthday, Dana! Paula Dean always puts a smile on my face, too! Her new book looks really good! And what a wonderful prim gathering. Your hubby did good! :)

  6. Happy Belated Birthday Dana! funny that your friends are Janet and husband's name is Don and used to go by Donnie when he was younger!...what a sweetie your hubs is to surprise you with something he'd be sure you'd like! all our 25 years I've never got mine to figure out how to do that, ha!


  7. Oh, what wonderful gifts you got from Freddie!I have a few Paula Dean books also....And I love that pump!...Share more pics of your home!!!Hope you're having a great weekend!!!~~hugs,Jen

  8. Belated 'Happy Birthday'! So glad you had a wonderful day. What a wonderful present the primitive display was, so many lovely things. .

  9. Oh Dana, You are a hot ticket. We do have alot in common. I LOVE Paula Deen and love her books. You are so lucky you got to talk with her, WOOO HOOO, She does seem she is that way happy and funny even off camera. I just think she is GREAT.
    Your Hubby got you some nice things for your Bithday. I love the book and the display is well let me put it this way when I saw it I started to DROOL, YES, DROOL!!! Tell Hubby he did a GREAT job and sure does know you well!!!!

    Happy Birhday again sweet friend,
    Blessings and Hugs,

  10. Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a wonderful day! And I love the gifties you got from hubby.

  11. Happy Birthday Dana :)
    Now that is one perfect hubby :) When they know you so well, that means they are a keeper...

  12. So glad you enoyed your Birthday Dana.You had some beautiful gifts.How thoughtful of your DH to go and buy those for you.Your home looks very pretty.TFS.

  13. Dana~

    Happy Belated Birthday!! It sure sounds like you had a wonderful time. Your Hubby is awesome!! That's a wonderful gathering he bought you!!


  14. Happy belated birthday Dana! Sounds like you had a blast for your birthday. You have a great hubby with a good eye for prims. Wow, what a great pump. But Happy Birthday!


  15. Dana! I am drooling over your birthday goodies! How sweet of Freddie!! LOVE everything! That pump is fabulous! You are one lucky gal, you have a pretty special hubby! I can't beleive you have met Paula Deen! I love her too and always thought that she would be the same in person as she is on t.v. You can't fake that bubbly personality!! Enjoy your new treasues, your display looks great! Love the red cubby behind your display too! I want one!! Take care! Hugs. ~Sarah~

  16. Happy Birthday Dana!
    Wow! that was a great present from your hubby!Glad you got EXACTLY what you wanted! I love Paula Deen too!( and her sons) lol I love cooking and well......eating too! Probably more than I should! haha...but I'm told you only live once! Right???

    Happy Birthday!

  17. Hi Dana!! Looks like you had a wonderful birthday!! Happy Belated from me!! Your hubs sure is a sweetie to treat you to all the special things he did for you!! You were blessed!!