Monday, May 2, 2011

Look What I Got In The Mail Today!!!

Tricia from Hillcrest Home Prims and I have been been friends for about a year now. We met at the APP forum and we started emailing each other and we  noticed we really had a lot in common and have become great friends.  We finally talked on the phone for the first time about a week or so ago. We had the best time and laughed so much!!! We decided that it would be a lot of fun to do a swap. Look at what she sent me!!! I'm so excited!! :)

This is a Ragon House  brownstone casserole dish. Don't you just LOVE it!! It even looks prim! :)


It is huge it measures 11X6! I'll be able to use it for so many things.... from Spaghetti  to cooking a roast.


She also added in a cute strawberry pinkeep and a pillow sampler. The card was so cute and prim.


Here's everything together.


We  had so much fun with this we have already planned another swap.

Tricia thank you so much for having this fun swap with me and thank you so much for being such a great friend. Our friendship means a lot to me!! :)

Please go by and visit Tricia's blog Hillcrest Home Prims and her website

Until next time....take care! :)

Spring Blessings,


  1. Wow!
    Love all this stuff
    Aren't swaps too awesome!

    Enjoy your goodies and thanks for sharing

  2. This is a really great gifts. I love doing swaps. It is like Christmas all year long.

  3. Wonderful swap goodies!
    Tricia is such a sweetheart.
    She and I are currently working on a swap with each other too.

  4. How wonderful, prim friends are the best!

  5. Hi Dana,
    I'd say you have a wonderful friend in Tricia...I know first hand!!!! She is a treasure in herself.

    The cassesrole dish is just wonderful she added in the other little treasures!!!!


  6. What a wonderful swap, Dana! And such lovely reminders of a good, sweet friend. Enjoy them ...

  7. Hi Dana, I am so happy you love your goodies I sent you. I am just very lucky I have a wonderful friend and that is YOU!
    Now, when you cook in that Hubby and I will be on the FIRST flight out, LOL!
    Don't worry we will meet in person and we can't wait!
    Hugs and Love,
    Tricia, XOXOX!!!

  8. what lovely gifts Dana! fun!...thanks for sharing!


  9. Awesome swap...and I am 100% sure she got some great goodies as well! :)

  10. Beautiful gifts Dana - love the casserole - and the little pinkeep - and sampler! WoW!! You did good!! Tricia is a sweetie, isn't she??! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  11. Those large pots are great for so many things!
    I love the shape and color!
    Great swap! Have a good week!

  12. Beautiful items!!! Great swap!!!
    Tricia what a sweetie!!!

  13. Morning girl..what great treasures and what a sweetheart of a friend! Love seeing the red velvet cake in the other post...I grew up eating the made from scratch ones along with the carrot cakes my aunts use to always make....sooooo good..hope you had a beautiful Mother's Day and hope you have an even greater week...thanks for coming by sweetie and all your love and prayers..Picket

  14. I love Tricia, she is such a sweetheart! And so are you! What a nice dish and goodies she sent you. I always say prim friends are so delightful! =]

  15. hello Dana, I found you through Tricia , I am now a new follower and look forward to getting to know you better! Wonderful blog you have here and Great Goodies from Tricia , isn't she just the sweetest!!!Have a great evening ! hugs
    lil raggedy angie

  16. Hi Dana, I got your message from Trish....thanks for being the go between!! Thanks for visiting my blog while you were there and leaving such a nice comment. I've been a follower of yours for a little while and am happy to have you join in mine! I need to get my email added to my blog, still a newbie & trying to figure it all out. Thanks again! ~Kriss~

  17. hi, Dana
    Wonderful Goodies~ love bowl!!