Sunday, February 20, 2011

Excited About My New Pottery

I just LOVE all my new pottery from  my friend Tarrah over at She and her husband  make the most beautiful pottery and I have wish list a mile long so I'm going to buy a few pieces at a time. Plus we always have fun doing swaps. Here's a look at the pieces I picked out.
I chose the rusted barn red tart burner.
This is the gorgeous jug that I picked out for our swap.
While I was out shopping and saw these white tulips  and thought they would be so pretty in my new red jug.
Tarrah also sent me some of her awesome handmade wool acorns!!! These are the cutest things. I LOVE them!!! :)
I've have really enjoyed getting to know Tarrah over the last year and we have become such good friends. Tarrah and her husband both are so talented please go by and visit her blog  I know you will just fall in LOVE with their pottery.
It's been so  beautiful here in South Carolina for the last two weeks. Spring is definitely in the air!! I've been taking advantage and getting a lot of yard work done.  I hope ya'll have a great week ahead
Until next time!!!


  1. The pottery is gorgeous, I love that deep dark red color. Enjoy!

  2. They look beautiful Dana,they don't look red to me though, more like dark brown on my computer screen.

  3. Gorgeous pottery! And I LOVE the acorns!! Very cute!!

    Enjoy your day!!

  4. LOve the color of your pottery - it reminds me of redware, so warm and rich! Her acorns are just adorable too!!

    I was talking to Jill on the phone last night and she said it has been gorgeous. ENJOY!!

  5. Love all your pottery Dana..
    The color is amazing....
    Have a great week..

    Prim hugs,

  6. Dana,
    You know how much I love Indian Trail Pottery too! Isn't the Rusted Barn just GORGEOUS! Those peices look beautiful in your home! And Tarrah's wooly little acorns are so darling! ENJOY your nice weather, it has been chilly and so windy here..brrrr! Take care. Hugs to you! ~Sarah~

  7. The pottery is that jug with the tulips in it...the weather has been fantastic here as well...hope to get some yard work in this week..hope you have a great week..Picket

  8. Dana...your pictures look so great and prim!!! I'm so glad you like the pottery, and YES I totally enjoy doing swaps too! Thanks for your has been such a blessing to me.

  9. Beautiful pottery Dana. I hope the weather stays nice in SC. I will there in mid-March visiting my brother.


  10. OMGosh! I love those pieces! Beautiful!
    Love the color!!

    Have a great week, Dana:)

  11. I see you are in SC. I am visiting there for Easter. I love your prim jug...I don't have much prim, but I do love it!

  12. That IS beautiful pottery, I can see the addiction, hehe! The jug is especially beautiful right now with a splash of spring, pretty white tulips! That piece is gonna be fun to change out with the seasons. Have fun with your new pieces!

  13. Love your new pottery pieces. The tulips are beautiful in the vase.
    Yes, I'm enjoying the wonderful weather. Have been doing yard work already. Trying to stay ahead of the game. lol
    Have a great weekend!

  14. Beautiful pottery!!

    Cute lil acorns too!!