Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Great Day With A Prim Friend

Recently I had lunch with Jen (Taylors*Farmhouse*Attic) we met for the first time last Fall. So we decided it was time to meet up again and we had a wonderful day. We had lunch from Panera Bread and spent the day at her house just talking and catching up. We never have a loss for words from the moment we met it's like we've know each other for ever!! I took a few pictures of her home which is amazing and has been in Mercantile Gatherings and Country Sampler!!! She had recently redone her hall way ..here's a look.

Jen's house 2

Here's a picture of her kitchen and a sign she made.

Jen's house 3

She has an awesome doll collection this is just one of them!!

Jen's house 4

This last picture is of her back door which use to have just plain glass and she bought supplies and actually made it into stained glass!!! She did an amazing job I wouldn't even know where to begin to do something like that. She is so talented and makes the most prim samplers and pin keeps so go check out her blog she's going to be starting on her Fall goodies soon. http://taylorsfarmhouseattic.blogspot.com/

Jen's house

Jen thank you so much for a great day and I'm looking forward to our next get together!!

Thank you everybody for your support. I've already have 28 friends that have joined I'm so excited!!!!

I'll be back soon with tons of pictures of a Summer swap I just had with a great friend!!!


  1. You took some lovely photos of Jen's home Dana.Isn't it nice when you meet someone and you just click?Glad you had a lovely day.

  2. I am so glad you had such a nice time. Isn't wonderful when you instantly connect with someone. A true kindred spirt.

    I love Jen's sense of style. I have followed her since seeing her in Mercantile gatherings. She appears to be every bit as nice too.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful day, great pictures!

  4. Dana, What a fun day for you and Jen! Panera...Yum-O! Great pictures, thank you for sharing your day with us. Jen's home is just gorgeous! Isn't blogging fun!? You will have more and more followers before you know it! You have so much to share and we all can't wait to see what new goodies you are working on! Take care my friend. ~Sarah~

  5. Hi Dana,
    Well you have met one of the people I am so anxious to meet! I've spoken a couple time with Jen on the phone and she couldn't be more pleasant, fun and sooooo Southern! I also love the talent this gal has...there isn't anything she touches that doesn't turn to gold.

    Thanks for the photos and glad your blog is growing! I knew it would.


  6. I started following Taylors Farmhouse Attic after I found her (Jen) in Country Sampler. I was taken back with how lovely her home is. Ever tweaking that always amazes me. I look forward to following your blog and what you have to share with all of us. Blessings!

  7. Hi Dana!

    Great pics! I love her home too and what she does. It's great when you meet a friend that you instantly feel like you've known forever. You just know they are friends for life. Thanks for sharing your visit with her. I am new to blogging as well and I think it is OH SO FUN!!


  8. You've done a great job on your blog, I love the stars! I just love Jen's house.

    Great job, you'll enjoy blogging!

  9. Hi Dana, I am trying to join your blog but it won't let me, I am doing something wrong. I love your blog and of course I love Jen and her blog!
    Welcome to blogland!

    Off to try to join the blog again!!!

  10. Dana, I did it, I joined and I will be following you!!!

    Hugs friend,

  11. Hi Dana,
    Nice to meet you. Welcome to blogland! I'm glad you stopped by and thanks for your sweet comment.
    Sounds like you and Jen had a great day. Does she live here in SC, too? I'll have to visit her blog.
    How nice that you were able to meet. I've done that with a blogger in FL. She has been here and I have been there.
    I wonder how close we live to each other??
    Enjoy your weekend.

  12. Welcome fellow blogger!! Glad to see you join us! Sounds like you had a great time with Jen!

    Take care,

  13. Welcome, I am pretty new at blogging too. Love Jen's home, isn't it wonderful to make a new friend!! Come visit my blog sometime.